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For more than one century, the Garnier liqueurs were sold to the four corners of the world

in magnificent artistic bottles.


They make today the joy of collectors of which I have the luck to be part.


All Garnier themes are represented in this collection :


                 Wildlife Figurals

                 Garnier Urns, Vases and Jugs

                 Commemoratives and Figurines

                 Multi-Compartment Glass

                 Garnier Figurines

                 Garnier Miniatures

                 Transportation Series

                 Garnier Figural Spécialties


They have been merchandised :

                 By the Society Garnier until 1974.

                 By the Benedictine society under the name of Garnier until 1976

                 By the Benedictine society via its sub-brands KLEM and CHATELAINE from 1976 to 1985.


Some bottles on show are rare because they weren't ever put on the market .

They are prototypes.

Enjoy the visit.



Garnier bottles